about our wind machine’s

Winglette Wind Machines, is a South African based Closed Corporation, headed by engineer, Hans van Eeden, who have been designing, and manufacturing wind machines for almost 25 years.

In co-operation with scientists from the Universities of Potchefstroom and Cape town, the Winglette wind generator, was developed as one of the most advanced wind generators in its class today.

We believe that like every family on the planet earth, you should have clean, reliable energy, which is affordable for anyone.

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make the right choice

There are many different ways that you can consider to provide electricity for your power needs. You can consider a diesel generator, solar panels, a Winglette wind generator, or simply buy your power from the local utility Company. Every system has advantages and disadvantages. You can only make the right choice if you can compare the advantages and disadvantages of all that is available.

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Outstanding Features

The Winglette wind turbines, have evolved through a process of many years of design, development and building of wind machines. They are products of a high level of skill in engineering, design and manufacturing which ensures their reliability, ruggedness, and life expectancy.

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Winglette wind generators

The applications can vary from generating electricity for a home on a rural site, or for selling power back to the utility Company. To learn more about any particular part of the system, consider the following summaries… or you can go directly to the complete systems listing, and choose one that suite you…

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In the end, it is what our customers say that really matters.

The two machines that I’ve bought, exceed all my expectations as far as power generation is concerned. I am really pleased with their performance, and I am planning to buy the third unit.

We are retired on our farm outside Groblershoop, and have always experienced a shortage of electricity from the solar panels we had. With our Winglette wind generator now installed, we are seeking ways to utilize the abundance of power that available now!