About Us

Winglette Wind Machines, is a South African based Closed Corporation, headed by engineer, Hans van Eeden, who have been designing, and manufacturing wind machines for almost 25 years.

In co-operation with scientists from the Universities of Potchefstroom and Cape Town, the Winglette Wind Generator, was developed as one of the most advanced wind generators in its class today.

We at Winglette wind machines believe that:

  • Wind machines will be a major roll player in providing clean, renewable energy for many years in the future to come.
  • That every family should be able to afford wind power in areas where sufficient wind intensities exist.
  • Fossil fuels like coal, oil and gass, will eventually run out. But, as long as there is winter and summer, heat and cold, wind power will be available, as a clean sustainable power source
  • By utilizing wind power generators, we secure tomorrow’s power needs… TODAY!.
  • Winglette wind machines CC, is founded on the ability to provide innovative solutions to emerging needs in our product development, business, and manufacturing processes.
  • Our founders have persevered for more that 25 years in their passion to excel in producing a product, that will stand the test of time, and will be known for it’s reliability and good value for money.

The Winglette wind machine team, is among the very few on the continent of Africa, who has successfully developed, and manufacture wind generators, of a world class standard.

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