Complete systems

The W03 Winglette wind generator can be configured with either a stand alone tower, or a guy wired tower; with a battery bank and DC/AC inverter, or with a Grid tie Inverter without a battery set.

The applications can vary from generating electricity for a home on a rural site, or for selling power back to the utility Company. To learn more about any particular part of the system, consider the following summaries… or you can go directly to the complete systems listing, and choose one that suite you… Click here for complete systems listings.

The following summarizes the different components of a complete Winglette wind generation installation.

Winglette W03 wind generator

The Winglette is a horizontal-axis, upwind, propeller type, machine. The Winglette wind turbine consists of a three blade rotor, a generator, a main frame, and a tail. Its blades are manufactured out of fiberglass with a highly polished UV-stabilized finish. The rotor is fitted with a parabolic fiber glass nose cap.The support housing of the alternator is fitted onto a turntable which turns the head of the machine in and out of the wind as required.

Winglette W03 wind generator

Guy wired towers

The guy wired, lattice galvanized steel towers of the Winglette wind generator, are manufactured using bolted steel profiles. The anchors and guy wires secure stability and strength. A well designed guy wired tower, can be superior in strength, reliability, and tower cost, if compared with a stand alone tower.

Tower heights available from 12m(40ft) to 30m(100ft). They weigh less than stand alone towers. They have increased stability at heights exceeding 18m. Any possible defects can easily be inspected for. Installation is a fast, but technically sophisticated. They have huge savings in cost when compared to similar stand alone towers.

Guy Wired Towers

Stand alone towers

The stand alone, lattice galvanised steel towers of the Winglette Wind Generator, are manufactured using bolted steel profiles.Our stand alone towers are offered to heights of 100ft(30m).

They weigh less than tubular- or pre-stress concrete towers. They have increased stability. Any possible defects can easily be inspected for. Installation is a relative easy procedure. They have huge savings in cost when compared to similar towers. Usually about half (1/2) of that of a tubular tower. They have less wind shade than solid type towers. They are relative inexpensive to manufacture.

Stand Alone Towers


A charge controller is an essential part of your Winglette Wind Generator system. Its purpose is to keep your battery bank properly fed and safe for the long run. Your charge controller has the basic function of blocking reverse current and preventing battery over charging.


Battery banks

A good sized, and well maintained, battery bank, is the basis of almost all off-grid power generation systems, whether wind power, solar power, or engine driven generators. A good size battery bank for a 3kWatt wind generator is 400 ampere-hour. That means if you buy 2Volt cells, and have a 36Volts system, buy 18 of 400 ampere-hour cells. If you buy 12Volt, 100 amp-hr units, you will need 3 x 4 , that is 12 batteries.

DC/AC Inverters

The inverter converts the DC of your battery bank, to AC. It also changes the voltage from the 36 or 48Volts of the batteries, to 240Volts alternating current required by your appliances. In other words, it is a power adapter. It can allow a battery-based independent power system, to run conventional appliances through conventional home wiring. For any normal situation, you will need an inverter for almost all the devices that use electricity as power source.

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