The Winglette wind turbines, have evolved through a process of many years of design, development and building of wind machines. They are products of a high level of skill in engineering, design and manufacturing which ensures their reliability, ruggedness, and life expectancy.

Blades Design

The basis for the aerodynamic design of the blades is to extract maximum amount of energy from low to medium wind speeds. It’s advanced airfoil technology aims at optimum efficiency at low to medium speed wind condition.

  • Diameter from tip to tip is 3.6m
  • The “swept area” of the blades is 10.2 square meters.
  • The twist distribution of the blade varies from 27 deg. at the root to 4 deg. at the tip.
  • Its optimum tip speed ratio is between 4.8 and 6.0
  • At values higher than 3 m/s, the power coefficient of the Winglette blades approach 4.8
  • The blades can operate safely in wind speeds up to 200 kilometers per hour.
  • To the blades was added a low drag/noise tip that can be seen in the pictures of the machines.
  • It’s special profiled leading edges, enhance performance.
  • The Winglette’s blades show amuch wider range of efficiencies that most existing competitors due to its wide low drag bucket.
  • The blades are light, strong and almost non-flexible.
  • At the root the blades are assembled with two 20mm high tensile bolts.
  • At values higher than 3 m/s, the power coefficient of the Winglette blades approach 4.8
  • The blades also prove to be more efficient if the blades become dirty from dirt or bugs and thus producing more power that most other designs.
  • This range of efficiencies improve matching blades to the alternator for optimum output.
  • The airfoil design made it efficient over a wide range of wind speeds.
  • The blade’s surface is protected with UV-stabilized paint.


The purpose of this design is to have a machine that performs well in locations with only low to medium wind conditions. This Winglette wind turbine fulfils this objective very well… .

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